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Dollarphotoclub_504672971. Effective Website Design

CoworkersThere are a lot of elements that go into a good website design. But a good website development is more than just how it looks but how it performs. DOES IT CONVERT!  You want a message that resonates with your visitor.

  • Why are they there?
  • What do they want?
  • How can you help them?

These are the questions we build your content on.  Relevant content is a big factor with your visitor and Google and keeping your content fresh and relevant will go along way to please both.


2. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Optimized

SEO-OptimizationHaving a wonderful website is great but doesn’t do much for you if no one can find it. SEO can be divided into two main sections, on page SEO and off page SEO. The on page SEO refers to how Google sees your websites content. This is where good website design is important. Is it relevant to the keyword topic? Is it easy to navigate? Does it have enough information to make it worthy of a higher ranking. On page optimization can help you optimize your website design to compete in this aggressive marketplace. In addition we can utilize a silo structure design that Google loves and provides easy navigation for your visitors too.


3. Customer Communication Assets

Converting-WebsiteCommunicating with your customer through your website can be accomplished with many website design elements.

  • Communication pop ups that offer them the opportunity to communicate with you by voice, text or video.
  • A Boom Bar across the top of the page that highlights specials or events and connects instantly to more information.
  • A video website welcome that can provide direction or a extra call to action.
  • Full Featured contact Forms offering more detail to categorize requests.



4. Security, Hosting and Backups

SecurityFast hosting services are essential to good website performance. Our hosting is based on dedicated servers for high speed performance. 

Security is a primary concern today and our system helps to protect your website from outside threats and viruses.

The framework is updated about once a month and the protection programs run 24/7. In addition, we provide weekly backups of your website.

We also provide FREE SSL certificates and SSL implementation on your website.

We take the protection of your website and website design seriously and so should you.


5. Mobile Ready – Responsive

Responsive-WebToday with over 56% of all searches being done on a mobile device, you need a mobile version of your website just to stay competitive. A mobile website design makes it easy for your visitor to navigate the site and contact you. If your website design is not responsive, there is an excellent chance that you will not show up in the search results on the mobile devices. All of our website designs are built on a responsive code.


6. Reputation Enhancement

Reputation-CompassOne thing that has really changed over the last few years is the attraction people have for online reviews.

Did you know that over 70 % of those surveyed ranked online reviews as number two on the list of influencing factors in purchasing?

It was only beat by a review from someone they know personally.

Our website designs can help support your reputation building and marketing through streaming reviews, video testimonials and survey forms. It’s all part of our reputation marketing program.


7. Video Enhancements

Lens-smallVideo is extremely popular on the web as a preferred communication tool. A video enhancement might be

  • A video overview of the page topic
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Video Testimonials
  • Product Demonstrations
  • Company Tours and more.

Video creates emotion, takes the viewer anywhere and condenses your message into a powerful presentation. We have been providing video production services for more than 33 years. We can help you take advantage of this powerful medium in your website design and other marketing efforts.


8. Easy Updating

Easy-UpdatesToday, you can have that living, breathing document and the satisfaction of being in control as well. Once you have a website created with our system, adding a sale announcement or an upcoming seminar to a web page is as easy as using a text editor. In fact, you can change text, add photo, videos and more. The website design can change and adapt as your business grows and it’s totally under your control.

We’ll be there if you need us, but most changes including adding articles, photos, video and text can be easily made by you with just an Internet connection and a web browser. Easy to manage website design, it’s about time!

9. Media Endorsement Service

As-seen-On-Logos-WebAdd credibility to your website, business cards online profiles etc. with a media endorsement package. With this package, we get media placement for you on ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX. This placement allows you to use their logos in a graphic that states “As seen on”. This has the effect of providing you with instant credibility as a expert or market leader in your field. The one-time investment can pay off in positive impressions for many years to come.

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