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1. Presentation Videos

Presentation-VideoPresentation video productions come in a variety of looks and lengths.  They are usually a very polished productions using video, transitions, graphics, music, and narration or on camera talent.Many times these are used to provide a company overview. The final product maybe output to DVD, used on their website or streamed online.

We have produced videos like this for companies all over the world through our parent company Allied Video Services. With over 32 years of video production, we can handle your project from script to screen in a easy to understand process that begins with a FREE consultation.


Testimonial Example

Testimonial Example

Testimonial Example

2. Video Testimonials

With the popularity of online reviews, video testimonials is a way to use video production to take things to the next level. This product lets the viewer feel the excitement and judge the credibility of the reviewer. A video and a testimonial is a powerful combination to use on your website or in social media. We can shoot testimonials for your company on location and in groups if desired. The result is a cost effective way to get your company some positive branding and exposure for years to come. Put quality video production to work for you today!


3. Interview Videos

The “video interview” is a video production that can offer your prospect access to more than a typical sales message. Through the interview process they get to develop a sense of who you are, what you offer and how you are different from others in the marketplace. By doing so, their trust level rises and they become comfortable with you and your company. This can be a real asset in the purchasing process. An interview left as part of the proposal is a good strategy that many have used to close their deals.

Our interview video production platform “Hampton Roads Business Live” is a no cost opportunity to take the power of the interview right to your prospects. Call us to get on our schedule today!

4. Product Demonstration Videos

There is great power in showing others using your product. It not only demonstrates the proper use of it but provides confidence that they too can use it. We have created many product videos over the past three decades from massive ultrasonic cutting machines to portable exercise equipment. Let us help you demonstrate your product with a custom video production.

Reputation Video example text review

Reputation Video examplee narrated text review

Reputation Video example video review

5. Reputation Videos

Reputation videos is your chance to take that 5 star review and combine it with a quality video production to your marketing advantage. Each video production includes a professional introduction and close, shot on a Hollywood style set and branded to your company. The video once completed is then syndicated on multiple websites including YouTube and your Facebook page. We then use the proper SEO techniques so it will show up under your company name when your prospects search for reviews. It is a great way for your company to take that 5 Star experience and really capitalize on it in a professional, affordable way. Put this unique video production in your arsenal.

FAQ Video Example

FAQ Video Example

FAQ Video Example

6. Frequently Asked Questions

Besides being great SEO material, these FAQ’s are a wonderful way for you to clear the most common questions that you know your customers are thinking. In this unique video production product we usually suggest that you do ten questions that you get all the time and then do ten questions that they should be asking you. The result is an arsenal of videos that will be on playing on your website and across the internet for years to come. As you know, a confused mind does not buy, so clear things up for them with a series of FAQ videos.

7. Online Ads and Promotions

Whether it a YouTube ad or Facebook ad or just a general Internet promo, we can help grab interest and traffic for your product or service.  Unlike most advertising, a video production remains online for years so they are one of the few forms of advertising that you can use that actually continues to pay for itself for decades.

8. The Power of  Virtual Sets

Virtual sets allow you to host your video on expensive looking sets or seemingly anywhere in the world right from our studio. The results are amazing and allows you to incorporate videos, photos and graphics into your presentation. We have created hundreds of virtual set productions for sales, training and promotional use. Let us help you seize this power for your next video production.

9. Webinars

Webinars can be a powerful asset in your sales arsenal. It allows you to tell your story in a detailed way without having to be there physically. This is especially helpful when you make a presentation but are relying on a sales associate to present your product to the decision makers. A webinar allows you to give them the presentation that you want them to see instead of a watered down version.

We also have a webinar system that can play your video production as a webinar on a schedule as a live event or on demand. Contact us and let us help you convert more prospects with the power of webinars.

10. YouTube Ad Campaigns

utubeYouTube AD Campaigns are a very affordable way to get your message in front of a very targeted group of prospects It is also very cost effective running generally running between 4 and 12 cents a view. We can create the commercials, design and set up the campaign and manage the account. Call us to schedule your FREE consultation and estimate today. All video production is done through our parent company Allied Video Services.


10. Multi cam HD Production On Location or In The Studio

We can shoot your video with state of the art cameras and mix it into a production that will showcase your company at its best. All video production is shot and edited in High Definition assuring you of a high quality product. We have a full HD studio or can go on location not just locally but nationally as well. Call us to schedule your FREE consultation and estimate today. All video production is done through our parent company Allied Video Services.


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